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afghanistan this summer, all virginia national guard units were home for christmas for the first time since september 11, 2001. [applause] during these 11 years of the global war on terror, more than 15,000 deployments of national guard soldiers and airmen were made, mobilizing for combat operations and other missions around the world. since 9/11, we have lost 10 of our fellow citizens, 10 virginia guardsmen, to hostile enemy activity. our national guard is recognized as among the best in the nation. they served us all very well. that same heroic service id replicated every day here at home by our men and women in law enforcement. in march of 2001, sheriff's deputies responded to a suspected robbery, only to find a sniper lying in deadly wait. inthe shootout that followed, two of them are killed. the deputy had rushed to the scene from his front yard, where he was putting together a new swing set for his grandchildren. it was a project that would remain unfinished. two other deputies were shot and severely injured in that ambush. tonight, deputy resnik and deputy charles are here with us. g
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1